About Us

AKAZAMI Videography. 

We offer the best wedding or any event packages for our customer. All the videos will be in FULL HD which means, BETTER, CLEARER & VIVID videos! The editing will be nicely done and ONE OF A KIND to bring up the mood of the event, and the finished video will definitely be up to your satisfaction. We give our customers the freedom to style their own wedding videography and the packages, which is something that other videographers don't have. We have had many experiences in wedding or event videography, so there is no doubt on the brilliance of our skills and abilities. Our base in Negeri Sembilan, but we are honoured to take events from other states and cities as well. 

Video will be shot by Nikon D5100 and Sanyo HD2000.

About me:

Aina Khalisah Azami. 24 years. Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Her passion in creative arts started since little. In 2001, she started a new hobby, which was photo-editing, while she was still a secondary-school student. Years later, she moved on in exploring the beauty of videography.

Since then, youtube has been her loyal and helpful teacher in giving her tutorials on creative videography. And from that day onward, she began taking videography seriously and bought gadgets and accessories for her camera. Critics and comments from families and friends had also made who she is in the field today.

Since she is a full time teacher in Sarawak, and only part time videographer, she has to divide time between videography and work. So, she mostly takes videography jobs during the school holidays. 

Eventhough, she is not a professional videographer, but the work she produced was done with great careful, high creativity and editing, and smashing precision so that the outcome will be in best quality and up to the customer's satisfaction.


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